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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Christian Education is a Gift

Yesterday we went to a homeschool conference which reminded me that schooling our children as we wish is a great blessing from God. Whether we send our kids to a Christian school or homeschool, we should be thankful to the Lord for this freedom. The freedom to choose how we educate our children is not a given. In many countries everyone must send their children to the public school. The schools are thoroughly atheistic and worldly. There are no other options. In some places, the children of Christians are not even allowed to go to the public school. In some countries, the schools are only Muslim schools. Even when there is the freedom to choose, people may be too poor to afford Christian schooling or unable to access materials for schooling. This is the reality for many Christians. Yet even in such circumstances, God continues to build His church. Christian schooling is not something God needs to accomplish His plans for the church. God never promises that we will have that freedom. But when God gives us the blessing to be able to choose and afford Christian schooling for our children, we should be ever so thankful for that gift.
  In Canada our freedom to choose Christian education will disappear. It is only a matter of time. There is only one thing that can reverse the trend we see in our culture. That one thing is a reformation of the churches in Canada and a revival through-out our country. But unless that happens, the government will take away more and more of our freedoms. And one of the first to go will be the freedom to give a Christian education to our children. A darkness grows and thickens over our country. Men go from bad to worse. We see Romans 1:18-32 being played out before our very eyes. Who knows how long it will take before we are forced to send our children to  public schools? Who knows how long before persecution will become common place and government sanctioned? Even though by law we have the freedom to Christian education, bad men can change good laws. How should we respond to this?
   Let us use our freedom to educate our children now. We must use the time we have to educate them wisely. We must not be lazy or half-hearted. God has given us this freedom; with the gift comes the responsibility to use it faithfully. Let us prepare our children well so that they will have the tools to be able to stand in difficult times. We need to do what we can to train our children to be great Christian warriors. We can't give them salvation, but we can and must teach them diligently from the scriptures. Our time of freedom is short; let us work hard while we can. Lastly, let us be thankful. Let us praise God for the gift to educate our children. Every day we can send our children to a Christian school or homeschool, is a day to praise and thank the Lord.



  1. To join in here: We should not simply teach our children "while we can" in the fear of the Lord, but also work to protect and promote the freedoms we have - that with the Lord's blessing the future generations may also enjoy the freedom to educate their children in the fear of the Lord. We should encourage one another to be salt and light in this world (and teach our children the same), and of course pray - for our leaders, our province, our nation - that God will graciously keep Canada glorious and free. Let us also remind our government leaders of what God's word says about parental authority, and also about the freedoms of religion and association which we all have as Canadians. We can contact our MLAs about important education issues (ex. Bill 10) and support the work of Christian political organizations, such as ARPA Canada. Christian education is indeed a gift, and we should take more than a spectator role when attacks are made against our freedom to educate our children according to God's Word. - Jennifer Otten

    1. Thank you Jen for your comments. I generally agree with what you wrote. I could have added a few of those suggestions in the post. But the problem with our country is not a political problem, but a spiritual problem. The political problem in our country is a symptom of the larger spiritual disease Seeking political solutions will treat the symptoms and delay the spread of the disease. But it cannot cure it or stop it for long. Only a spiritual treatment for the spiritual problem will begin to cure our country's sin problem. The cure is the gospel. The gospel lived out in Christians and churches. The gospel preached relentlessly to those living in darkness. This should be our focus for, if God should bless our efforts with revival and reformation, then the political problems will begin to heal on its own.