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Friday, February 5, 2016

Top Ten Posts of Year One

Hooray, it is the first birthday of our blog Ruminations. While it was Fenna's idea to start a blog, I have written most of them. In fact I was reluctant to start a blog, but then I ended up writing most of the posts as I do enjoy writing. So in honour of this special day, we have the top ten most viewed posts of the last year. 

This post was the first post written. Fenna wrote this post about being thankful in all things, especially the daily struggles in parenting.

This was an exposition of Proverbs 11:22. This post explains what real beauty is in God's eyes.

I did a four article series on why God has told about the last things that will happen at the end of this world. If you don't think Eschatology is important, read all four posts. It will lead to greater godliness.

I wrote this one last week. It is to be an introduction to a Brad/Fenna critique of infant baptism. This post was written to show what the biggest and most important difference is between those that practice infant baptism and those who only baptize believers.

This is one of the first posts I wrote. It looks at how often the psalmists praised the Lord by dancing.

Abortion is a sin issue. I wrote this to explain that abortion is primarily a spiritual battle and needs to be primarily fought with spiritual weapons.

Everyone loves the movie "Frozen". But there is a deadly lie that overshadows the movie. We need to be aware of  this. This lie or sin is no new thing, David wrote about it in Psalm 2.

We stopped the practice of telling our children to say their prayers before and after meal times. This post explains why.

This is a study about alcohol in the book of Proverbs. I wanted to explain how God wants us to view and use alcohol. 

And the winner is... This post was written after I reread my Opa's autobiography. This post contains the lessons I learned from my Opa, who died 5 years ago. We miss him and are thankful for him. This post was the most read mainly because my cousin Wes shared it on Facebook and he has more friends than we do. :)

 While these were the most read posts, they aren't necessarily my favorite posts. Nor is it our aim to have many people read our writing simply for the sake of numbers. The most rewarding part of blogging is when it encourages, convicts, comforts, and blesses others. Our goal is not to share our opinions or ideas. We want to explain how God's word is to apply in all areas of our lives. We desire God to use this blog to bless and sanctify His church. If God has done that though this small blog, then all glory to Him. 

Brad and Fenna

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