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Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Mother's Day Post

This is a special post for Mother's day. Here are some things that my kids love about their mother.

Caleb: One thing he loves about mom is that she helps him make different projects. He loves Mom's sense of humor, especially when she calls them stinkers.

Isaac: He love his mom especially because she teaches him math and he loves math. He is thankful for the hard work that his mom does to make him nice clothes.

Anna: She says Mommy makes pretty dress for me and I love pretty dresses. Anna loves Mommy's good cooking. Mommy's love for me is seen in the food and dresses she makes for me.

Silas: He loves his pretty and funny mommy. He likes it when mommy reads books to him.

Leah: goo goo da da ba ba ma ma oo aha ah. This is what Leah said and I will try translate it for you.
Leah wants to say she loves her mommy. Her mommy takes such good care of her. My diapers are changed. She gives me good food.

So you see Fenna is a great mom. Her children rise and call her blessed. Many women do great things, but she surpasses them all. Happy Mother's day Fenna

Happy Mother's day to my mom also. Thanks for all the blessings that God has given to me though you. Hope you have a blessed day.

 Love Brad

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