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Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Goat Story and A Good News Story

We have an ugly goat. She is three years old. She has never been able to get pregnant. Her hooves are always in a bad condition, even though she is hoof trimmed regularly. Since she didn't get pregnant this year we decided to sell her for meat. We had a buyer, but when he saw the goat he decided she was too old. So we sold him another goat. Our ugly goat lived another day. We were going to butcher this goat and use the meat for ourselves, but we never got around to it. Then we had another buyer. When they came to the farm, I caught the goat for them. The two men had their butchering knives ready to go. But when I caught her, I checked her just to be sure she wasn't pregnant. To my dismay, she was developing an udder. I couldn't sell her now. How could she do this to us? I sold the two men, two of my other goats. Old Ugly is laughing now. She is still alive. Soon she will be kidding. She has escaped death a number of times now. She might think that she has nine lives. But death will get her one day.

This story leads me to consider a spiritual lesson. We all must die and then face judgment. We may escape death numerous times. But eventually death will get a hold on us. Every time we have a close brush with death, we should consider our souls. Are we ready to die? How can we be ready? Every single human is a guilty sinner. We have broken all of God's law in some form. On our own we have no hope of eternal life. God is holy and just and cannot let us go free. Our crimes must be punished. But there is hope. For God sent His Son, the Lord Jesus to come to earth as a man, to live a perfect life and to die on a cross to pay the debts that sinners owe to God. If we repent of our sins and trust Jesus Christ for forgiveness and righteousness, we will be forgiven and be given eternal life. All that come to God for grace and mercy through Jesus, He will receive with open arms. This is good news for unworthy sinners like us.


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